Yer-Rack Eurorack Showoff Corner
  • Show off your Eurorack that you're using with Audulus here!

    I'll start:

    Tiptop HEK

    2-4 voices oscillators, sequencers, envelopes coming from Audulus

    Mankato+Tube VCA for nasty Moog-like bass

    SEMs for lush pads/leads

    2hp for nice squelchie squelchies

    Mordax DATA for LFOs and analysis :)

    Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 7.41.29 PM.png
    1099 x 432 - 519K
  • image

    Pittsburgh Structure - 96 HP

    Starting from top left

    Pittsburgh LPG Mk II - I use this as a resonant low pass filter most of the time. It has some really funky scaling on the knobs and when it self-resonates it shoots up to like 20 volts, but I love the sound. Very vintage weird sounding. Why? It might be the vactrol.

    Disting Mk III- It's been a wave-shaping LFO for a about 2 months. Eventually I'll find other settings... or maybe just sell it. The Mordax Data seems like it will become the new disting soon enough, plus it has a huge oled display.

    Chronoblob - Digital voltage controlled delay. I bought it for the illustration, love it for the versatility of sound design and clarity.

    Pittsburgh IN OUT Mk II - This is the portal into the land of moogerfoogers.

    2Hp Trim (x2) - Super handy to turn self-resonating filters down and lfo signals and such.

    MakeN0ise Moddemix - Dual ring modulator and VCA, also comes in handy as a 3 channel mixer. Contemplating getting another of these because of how useful it turned out to be.

    2HP Mult - I use it sometimes, but this is basically a space buffer between the ES-8 and other modules because the ES-8 is actually pretty bulky behind the panel and the cables get cramped.

    ES-8 - I usually plug this into my Laptop and use ableton and audulus vst when I am recording or plug in my ipad and mess with Audulus directly. Looking forward to the day Audulus can make use of all the ports :)

    Intellijel Atlantis - This synth really makes my day. Reliable and versatile with a great-sounding multimode filter, the Atlantis is a part of almost every patch I make on the modular in one way or another. The individual envelopes and LFO are easy to use on their own and the synth voice has lots of space around the sliders to make performing modulations straight-forward. Probably everyone should have one of these and hasn't realized it yet.

    MakeN0ise Rosie - This is either where I plug-in my headphones or the amp. When It's time to use the DAW It's mostly about having a stereo headphone output. When I'm jamming with friends, the crossfade mixer is basically how I transition sounds.

    Alongside this case is a 0-Coast with is basically a free-floating module and I will use one or both the Arturia Keysteo and Roland A-01.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 5.08.27 PM.png
    648 x 658 - 654K
  • Just won a copy of Audulus via the Ipad Musician FB group :) Here is my current eurorack system.
    1275 x 678 - 448K

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