Connecting midi controller
  • Hello! I've recently bought KORG nanokey2 and tried to connect it to audulus (Windows PC). I can see it in Active MIDI inputs, checked it in, did learn midi CC but nothing is working. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an solution?
  • If you want to assign a keypress to a button, you have to use the Trigger node - have you tried that? Can you try to explain a little more about what exactly you did (and maybe post the patch that you were using too? that always helps :) )
  • I tried Trigger node- it works. I want to use "midi in" patch and play notes in audulus. I tried default presets that come with audulus - like "the fire inside"
  • "I want to use "midi in" patch and play notes in audulus."

    Does that not work with your keyboard?
  • nope, its not sending any signal
  • @TDWD - can you upload the patch that you're using? Maybe a setting has changed...also try the Keyboard node and see if that outputs anything.
  • Yep! tried Keyboard node - doesnt send any signal.
  • I opened up your patch and it worked perfectly on my computer using a korg nanokey2 windows 10. But I recall I had the same problem when I first installed Audulus. Email and ask for the midi keyboard in patch. I think that will sort things out.
  • @RobertSyrett did you install any aditional drivers for nanokey2?
  • I know what it is - you're probably broadcasting on a MIDI channel that's other than 1 (what's in the patch, inside the module). Maybe I saved the default on channel 1? I should be on Omni. Go inside the keyboard module, find the keyboard node, then flip the channel number to Omni and that should work.
  • Already tried that before - still nothing :(
  • @TDWD - Do you have a DAW that has musical typing? If so, can you open the plugin of Audulus there and try that? If musical typing works, it's something up with your controller, not Audulus...
  • Tried to open audulus in FL studio - same problem, but other vsts works fine- i've spend couple hours playing with controller in serum. It's just Audulus that is not working
  • @TDWD - are you saying musical typing doesn't work?
  • i think this is what he means... :)

    how about reinstalling audulus and nanokeys (software, drivers)

    EDIT: did you try to control an audulus patch throu FL studio piano roll, put in some notes and press play... would be interesting if this works
  • Musical typing is not working only with audulus in FL studio. What I'm saying is that everything else is working but not audulus - every single plugin in fl studio works fine with controller, I even opened up standalone plugins outside daw - still works. Tried reinstalling audulus- didnt help.

    EDIT: I tried to control audulus patch with piano roll many times before and now - nothing. Silent.
  • Ill try to reinstall controller drivers tomorrow (its late here)
  • it's a known bug. I sent taylor this video
    and he sent me a message like:
    Hi Rob,

    Go ahead and give this version a try:


    I fixed some bugs with MIDI on Windows. Does that help?

    - Taylor

    and it totally did fix the problem. This sounds like the same thing.
  • Yep. The same problem. I already messeged taylor. Waiting for response.
  • Still no response from taylor, maybe email was wrong?
  • well you can always try
  • Hello again! I contacted to Taylor, but didn't receive any answer from him, would be great if someone could help me with this problem.

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