Getting Started Guide Update - Need your help!
  • I'm working on a rewrite of the "Getting Started" guide for Audulus. You can find the current one here:

    This is what I have so far - you can read and comment on things directly in the document (you can even watch me type!)

    I'd love your input - there will be lots of pictures and videos to go along with it. I'm almost done writing it as of now.
  • I think I accidentally typed Mark! Should it be read only?

    EDIT - Never mind I see its on "suggesting mode"
  • after reading the whole guide its already very straight forward.. it will help alot of people.

    where do you need help? :)
  • @diego898 - yeah that's ok! i can see your comments when they come up - feel free to add suggestions! :)

    @Phal_anx - thanks! Nothing in particular I'm looking for, just seeing how people react to it and maybe if I'm missing something obvious.
  • @biminiroad - i just saw you wrote this...

    To turn a momentary Trigger node into a toggle switch, tap on a blank space on the node and press “[ ] Toggle.”

    To turn a toggle Trigger node into a momentary switch, tap on a blank space on the node and press “[X] Toggle.”

    wouldnt it be better to add "and vice versa" on the first sentence instead of writing the same thing again :)
  • There really aren't that many nodes, and yet there are some I never use. Spline? Mapper? What even is a SVG?
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  • SVG is for custom graphics. Spline can be used to make custom waveforms (use a saw to scan over the shape of the wave) Mapper will take a knob and map it to its curve. I'll make some examples for you later but I'm 2 beers in tonight and about to switch to TV/music mode :)

    @Phal_anx - I'm trying to be super duper explicit and write simply so that people who are reading the manual in another language can either understand it, or easily translate it with google translate. I'm really not knocking anyone, but you'd be surprised at the kinds of questions you get when working support at any job - it's helpful to be proactively over-explaining haha
  • @robertsyrett - thanks for all your comments! i know i rejected like 99% of them but i hope my explanations make sense. I really do appreciate you taking the time and reading it and commenting, i definitely will look back especially on the intro once i finish it up more :)
  • >custom graphics

    do go on...
  • @robertsyrett - SVG = scaleable vector graphic - it's a high quality kind of graphics that can be blown up to any size. When it's out proper, we'll release details about how audulus knobs and other exposible formats scale so you can create little blank spaces for them where they go and create your own custom UIs for modules. I take it you're on the beta now and that's where you saw it? (or did taylor quietly release that in the public version?) There's some bug with the color that I noticed, he hasn't put too much work into it yet, but it's something that's coming.
  • I see, I just tested it out and it didn't seem to load a svg i made is illustrator. I'm not in beta btw, I think Taylor must have slipped it into an update.
  • @RobertSyrett - just try to grab an SVG from the web and load it - worked for me
  • This is really good!

    What is cool about Audulus is that it is such a great tool for learning. It gives a visceral interface to really abstract concepts. Audulus encourages curiosity and playfulness in a way that stuff like Mathematica can't do.

    For instance, if I had encountered Audulus when I was trudging my way through trig and algebra in high school, I think it could have helped me understand in a whole new way. Moreover, because it makes sick as hell sounds, I'd have had motivation to understand and dig deeper where instead, I just tolerated the classes and tried to get through them,

    I've often thought a neat approach would be to write an Audulus cookbook that not only explains how to use Audulus to make badass noises, but also teaches math and physics along the way.
  • @plurgid - dude I KNOW. It wasn't until I was working at an Earth Fare deli in Asheville that I realized I had this condition called dyscalculia - basically dyslexia for numbers. I was always punching in the deli numbers wrong and didn't understand why! And then I realized "Oh, THIS is why I was bad at math!"

    I was always the person who was teaching others how to do the problem, was always the one who was bored and "got it" way before everyone else, and then I'd get a C or lower on my was so frustrating. I even wrote my own custom calculator program to do math equations for me for tests and shared it with people (early Audulus engineering no doubt). If I'd had Audulus, I would probably have gone to school for math or some kind of engineering.

    I feel like if we can get people into using Audulus for school lesson plans then if people aren't paying attention, it's not because they're bored, it will be because they're making their own cooler little thing in Audulus (and hiding it off screen with the infinite canvas!).
  • Getting Started Guide is looking great, thanks for sharing it!