ig'nant waveguide mesh sounds like Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk
  • I figured out how they made the Sir Nose voice on this Parliament classic:


    but totally by accident, LOL.

    The explanation of Karplus-Strong in this thread:


    got me thinking about how it might be possible to expand the idea into three dimensions to model a vibrating membrane like a drum head instead of a string. Which led me to here:


    however, the math was a little over my head ... so I just got busy building a matrix of 9 delays with a bandpass filter on the feedback lines. Which I'm pretty sure is not exactly a waveguide mesh as described in that article, but it makes interesting noises. :-)

    Also its real trigger happy on the feedback when you bring the Q down on the filter so watch out if you play with this.
    Anyhow ... yeah ... I accidentally discovered the Sir Nose effect.

    Thought y'all might could dig it.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 2.20.55 PM.png
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