More´n´more moduls..
  • Meanwhile i have a little moduls list to create sounds within audulus..
    I thought i show you guys how my starting point for every patch i do (now and in future) will look like :D :D

    every modul x 4 so i dont need to load them into the new patch instead i delete what i dont need :D

    Osc (5outs + final out)
    Noise (+ S/H)
    Envelope (4 in 1 modul with + & - Output)
    Envelope (Standart)
    Filter (TwinPeaks Clone)
    Filter (LP-HP)
    Tempo-synced LFO (2x6outs + mix out)
    Blender (4ins connected throu xfades, 3outs (A,B,Final) )
    VCA (4ins, 4outs / 4th channel can be switched into a mix out -> abc will be muted)
    VCF/VCA (4ins, 4outs / all, even, odd outs)
    RHS Bohor -> Pithoprakta Clone
    8step Sequencer
    16step Sequencer
    Mixer (8ins. 1 out)

    How do you guys start your patches?
    Audulus Startup.png
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  • Very cool @Phal_anx! Could you post that patch? Also, as a far out idea, I think it would make for a great video if you could record yourself starting from there and making up a patch!
  • "All phenomena bear the mark of Emptiness."

    For me modular synthesis is an expression of this philosophy of transience. With nothing in mind to attain all that is left is to attend to the needs of the present moment as they arise. Consequently, I am always starting from scratch.
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  • ^ that should be a quote you see when you start up audulus with blank canvas!
  • Hah it would be fun if it had rotating quotes about synthesis as a kind of inspirational start! Possibly even the Oblique Strategies by Eno?
  • +1 for @diego898 idea :)

    @biminiroad - i m not a programmer but I think it can´t be that hard to implement this... the bigger challenge is to find good quotes :)
    would be fun!

    I also start blank when i build new moduls but if i m creating sounds to record them aftwards in my DAW i start with this patch...

    with the insert patch mode i get crazy (win7).. cause i need to get into the menu click insert patch and then go throu my hdd to find the right patch (this takes ages)...
    so i placed them all in one patch :) its big and cpu says 75-100% while nothing is connected but it goes down with every sub patch i delete, i can live with that :)

    would be nice to have an archieve folder where you can place your own patches and it shows up in the right click menu like the others... something like a user patch folder..

    for those who want to download this patch... it has around 37mb right now.. :D
  • @Phal_anx - there is a menu option for that! I'm on mac, but it should be the same on Windows.

    Below is an example of a custom library I made for the beta ADC DAC modules I made from their respective nodes.

    Go to "Open Modules Folder"


    And then you'll get a folder where you can drop patches into - it will show up like this when you do:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.33.18 PM.png
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    Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.33.11 PM.png
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  • @biminiroad - i read about it already.. but this is only in the mac/ios version ... there isnt in windows standalone and also not in vst version for windows which i got from you guys...

    EDIT: I also tried to find the modules folder via explorer but no luck... its like all modules are coded into audulus.. not saved elsewhere..
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  • @Phal_anx - taylor says to right click on the background - it should be in that menu :)
  • @biminiroad - I looked at the right click menu before aswell.. there is no modules folder option :(
    there is one menu point with modules but those are moduls who are created by you.. (i think you created them and maybe some other forum users) but no option to open the folder..
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  • Oh that was a miscommunication between me and Taylor (sorry I don't have a Windows machine and can't check myself). Taylor's looking into it now :)
  • thanks! :)

    its not a big deal as long as i can put all my modules into 1 patch as a workaround solution ... it would be way better to add them throu the right click menu for sure..
    hope to see this soonish :D
  • I made a song with your module block on my new ipad to see if it could handle it. It totally couldn't, lol. I think you must have a very fast computer, @Phal_anx. At any rate, I used a program called Auria to record multiple tracks with only one set of modules and I think it turned out ok.
  • @RobertSyrett - !!! This is great :)
  • @RobertSyrett - Yea i have a very fast PC ... AMD fx8320 (8 cores at 4ghz) 64gb ram.. 512gb ssd hdd for windows and a 2tb hdd for programs and all other files :) + my extern soundcard is a presonus studiolive 16.4.2.
    only my graphic card is bad.. but i will buy another one soon... just dont know yet which one..

    you did a very nice job with my moduls! :)
  • @Phal_anx - yeah Audulus is pretty graphics heavy, so that makes sense. Everything is drawn in real time, which makes for smooth animations, but it does take a lot of GPU :)