Mac VST?
  • Hi.

    Will there at some point be a Mac VST? I use Bitwig and there is no support for AU.

  • woah, bitwig doesn't do AU!?
  • "Since Audio Units are only available to Mac OS X, Bitwig has focused development on integration and stability with VST plug-ins. Future versions of Bitwig Studio may include support for Audio Units, for which details cannot be provided at this time."
    Considering that Audulus also has uneven plug-in support, the AU is a little better, i have to assume that it is not easy for small companies to support both formats.
  • I think we'll probably need to eventually since I believe AU's don't do MIDI out.
  • I see, thanks Mark, looking forward to it :)

    @Robert: For sure. I guess VST3 would be the next logical step? Don't know about other DAWs though, if they've added support for it yet.

    Although I don't understand why there is a VST version of Audulus on Windows and a AU version on Mac. Is it because Apple requires you to make a AU version because it is on the Mac Store? And is there a big difference between Win VST and Mac VST? I would have though VST hosts would handle all the OS calls translations making it easy to make VSTs for any OS, but then again seeing how hard it seems for some developers to make multi-platform VSTs that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Anyway, I'll just wait patiently and see what happens, got lots of projects on my mind so I'm in no rush. I might even try to find a AU-VST bridge.
  • There's really no difference between Mac/Windows VST - Taylor just decided to do AU because that was the native Mac plugin.
  • Can you believe that Ableton still doesn't support VST3!?
  • I know thats crazy .. vst3 is supported by almost every top-notch DAW and ableton somehow still doesnt... thanks god that i m a studio one user :D
  • Studio One? lol! I'm switching over to auria on iOS, which has no normal plug-ins but I can finally use Audulus as a signal processor. Life is full of tradeoffs.
  • if you can afford to buy an ipad/iphone.. (i hate phones LOL!)
    i dont have mac... and i like the way windows systems work.. as i can replace any hardware easily... with mac i would run into alot of problems on this corner... and another thing is that i would need to stop using a few progs cause they are not on mac.. so i stick to windows :D even if i actually dont like microsoft...
    about the DAW.. i love it! especially in combination with the mixer (also from presonus) i have almost no latency... i had it with audulus but now i fixed this problem.
    i dont know auria at all :D