Makenoise Dual Prismatic Oscillator.
  • now thats a tool :) btw... thanks for the wavefolder tool... will implement it into my current OSC :D and i will kick out the pm to get real FM going :)
  • I found a video of how waveshaping works on the endorphines furthurrr complex oscillator
  • Yet another video:

    I made some basic waveforms based on what the oscilloscope shows.

    This might be a good project to have two versions, one with standard "osc" nodes and one with funky analog modeled phasor nodes. Perhaps there can be analog "slop" knob added that crossfades between squonky and mathematically accurate. From the video it seems like there are pitch-tracking inconsistencies.

    The manual even makes the same point, "The STO is a 100% analog musical instrument that is not suitable for laboratory use."
    DPO Basic Waveforms.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.24.33 PM.png
    939 x 669 - 88K

    I think the wave shape/folding is coming along nicely now that I know what the "angle" part of the DPO is doing. I should say at this point I'm not even bothering to make it an exact replica but rather my take on a dual oscillator in the grand tradition of complex dual oscillators Buchla started in the 1960's.
  • Ok! Here's my Refracting Twin Oscillator. The cross fm is internally routed so all you have to do to make sounds is connect the outputs and turn knobs, or plug in a sequencer of your choice and LFOs to all the knobs and enjoy the mayhem.

    edit: I found some errors in how the FM is calculated that I need to fix, so I'm taking it down for the time being.
    1248 x 1968 - 244K
  • amazing tool :)
  • TY. It could possibly need more blinking lights though...
  • hehehee... i noticed already u love blinking lights!
  • The number of blinking lights is a major consideration for me when buying eurorack modules.
  • totally understandable.. it looks better when stuff is happening :D
  • this is sick AF!!! please make a demo patch for me to play with, i really like what you come up with :) Also we definitely had a bump in new users after your 0-Toast patch! If you have a youtube page you want to promote or something, you can post it there and i'll refer blogs to it so you get the views and not me - I literally just posted that cause I wanted to play with it and wanted something quick to put up on social media that day - it EXPLODED! I'm sure this would go the same way. Also, I cleared the history and the patch went down to 4mb, incase you want to do that too.

    PS: We're going to switch to a new file format soon that won't be human readable like the one that's there now, but it will be MUCH smaller. Like this patch might be a few kb, not 22mb. We're also talking cloud storage so people can upload to the cloud and just share patches with a link!
  • @biminiroad I'll tell you what, I have a friend with a DPO. I'll go record oscilloscope footage of a DPO and the RTO for comparison.

    edit: also, no promises that a complex oscillator generates hype like an emulation of one of the most popular desktop modulars. ;)
  • @robertsyrett - that would be AWESOME!
  • Well I have a DPO now, so this has led me to rethink some of the things I was doing with the RTO. In fact I am scrapping it and starting over. But probably by the end of the week, I will have a much more accurate facsimile of the DPO and I will also make my own fantasy double oscillator.

    Here is a template for cross modulation that I am pretty comfortable with. It has the advantage that you can pretty easily swap out the internal oscillators for your own personal favorites :)
    FM BUS Prototype..audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.34.11 PM.png
    1774 x 905 - 168K
    Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.34.28 PM.png
    1543 x 994 - 217K

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