• I m sharing my OSCiX for those who are interested.
    some facts:
    3 Waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Saw)
    Adjustable Shape of the Saw Waveform
    Shape CV Input
    Internal FM
    Lin-Exp Knob for internal FM
    FM Amt CV Input
    Ratio + Ratio CV Input
    Ratio 2x Button (double)
    2 CV Inputs for Coarse and Fine
    1022 x 762 - 62K
    OSCiX v4.6.audulus
  • Thanks for sharing! Will dive into this today :)
  • Looks like more things I haven't come across yet, will certainly be checking this out!
  • i m working on a few moduls.. to learn as much as i can.. mostly improving my moduls by adding new features.. so i dont need to have alot of moduls at the mainscreen when i create sounds with it later on..

    @Jimbo - I also updated my temp synced LFO ;)
    check the last post in it

  • Here is a similar bank of the arpeggio loops, along with a demo patch. The implementation is certainly different, but it's starting to sound like some of those demo videos of the octocontroller I saw on youtube.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.06.24 PM.png
    1348 x 723 - 115K
    Page 12 Arp Bank.audulus
  • @RoberSyrett - wow, you are already very far ahead :D i only had the idea of doing this modul and started reading about it and also learn atm how to manage to build it in audulus.. you are my hero :D