Want name of all nodes and modules in patches
  • One thing I wish for is that, when viewing a patch that uses standard nodes and modules, I could find out what module it is that I am viewing. Naming is inconsistent. Many nodes and modules do expose a name, but others do not. Filter, for example. When I encounter a Filter node in a sub-patch, I don't realize what it is immediately. I can find out it's a Node, because it won't open. But which Node is it? I know that when people make custom modules, they might omit to expose a name. I only request that most nodes and all modules be named. (Things like Constant or Level are simple enough not to need a name.)
  • There are only 3 filter nodes, and one of them looks like an LPF (the "filter node"). It has a res (resonance) and Hz (cutoff) input.

    The other two filter nodes "HighPass" and "LowPass" (under DSP) are labelled as such.

    Pretty much all the nodes are labeled as well - the envelope node isn't, but it also looks like an envelope.

    Also, all of the included filter modules are labelled, too, even though they have abbreviations - APF is "all pass filter" and BPF "band pass" etc.

    So I guess if that doesn't cover your request, maybe I need to see pictures of what you're referring to?