• Is it possible to have midi or osc control of patch parameters. I'd rather control a patch using Lemur.
  • Ooops!! Just found learn midi cc in one of the nodes. Newbie mistake!
  • Yeah and keep in mind that you can use MIDI to control a knob, say a constant node, and then use other nodes to alter the output of the constant module as you plug it into other destinations.
  • I'd still like to have OSC as well as select which MIDI device to use. I'm running a setup with multiple programs/synths and audulus is just one amongst other programs running. It seems to detect all midi sources.. ideally, we would like to set which channel it gets notes from as typically CC (knobs, sliders) come from different midi channels.
  • @Bafonso, having the knobs respect MIDI channels is on my to-do list. I'll bump it up to a higher priority for you :-). Osc might take me a while, but I'd like to do it.

    - Taylor
  • Cheers Taylor,

    The midi channel would be great but more importantly, I think it would be good for sanity to have audulus not listen to all midi devices. If you could select only the ones you want, you reduce the amount of MIDI parsing you have to do.

    I'd rather have aftertouch instead of OSC for now :)

    thanks for your great support,
  • @Bafonso, you're welcome!

    I'll try to do both: knobs remember midi channel + settings for selecting devices.
  • Is aftertouch sometime in the horizon? I've become addicted to aftertouch after getting a keyboard with one :-)
  • @Bafonso, yes I'm planning on adding a aftertouch output to the Keyboard node. Hopefully I will get to that by the version after next (so a month or so).
  • Thanks Taylor, that's really good news :)

  • Hi,
    just got audulus and I can't wait to start using it on my Mac mini! Q: will Audulus recognize multiple midi keyboards/controllers?
  • @ceilidhshipley, Welcome! Yes, Audulus will automatically listen to all your keyboards and controllers.

    - Taylor
  • @Taylor, would it cost much cpu to support multichannel midi learn? I'd like to be able to map different keyboards to different parts of a patch. Have two instruments essentially. It would mean that I could have the same device switch between different inputs within Audulus. Thanks :)
  • @ceilidhshipley, that certainly wouldn't cost much CPU. I'm hoping to have something like that :)
  • Awesome :) Also I just remembered that keyboard nodes have channels.
  • +1 OSC support
  • we already have oscillators! ;)
  • Har har. Please see my midi addition in the general request thread.
  • hi! a3 does not recognize my nanokontrol 2 for midi cc ! any advice?
  • same, does cc input work?
  • Hi,

    while midi learn is great and fit many usecases, it require to stop all other midi activity in order to work. would it be possible to have some kind of dialogue to set :
    - midi cc
    - midi channel
    bonus :
    - support for 14 bit midi cc
    - osc would be awesome of course.

    i bought the version as there was no demo version, only to learn i cannot use it because of no manual entry possible for the midi cc settings :(

    thanks a lot,

  • +1 OSC support
  • +1 OSC support , please oh please oh please