Can I send Audulus output to another software synth on Mac OSX?
  • I would like to send Audulus stereo audio output into another program (Audio Mulch) running on Mac OSX. Has anyone done this, or send into another program? I think there may be audio routing software available for this. But I wanted to ask, first. If I find out anything more, I'll post it here. Thanks.
  • I'm running El Capitan, 10.11.6 (15G1217). I find SoundFlower, but it hasn't been updated in five years.
  • @Pugix - do you mean something like this?
  • Does audio mulch accept plugins? If so, there's an AU you can use :)
  • I downloaded Jack OS X 9.0, but when I ran the installer it said that it's incompatible with my version of OSX.

    As for the Audulus AU plugin, I installed it and verified that it resides in the correct location of the file system. But it does not show up in the AU plugin list inside Audio Mulch. I've had no trouble using other AU and VST plugins in Mulch.
  • yea its possible that jack doesnt work as it is also an older software (latest 2014)...

    is audio mulch 32bit or 64bit.. cause the audulus au only works in 64bit as far as i know about mac... i use windows so i cant be much of a help..