How do I record Audulus in Garagband.
  • Hi!

    I've just begun using Audulus and would like to know how to record sound from Audulus in Garageband. I understand how to use the Audulus audio unit in the instrument plugin, open the plugin and hear and interact with sound from the Audulus patch in Garabgeand, but I when I push the record button, no audio is recorded.

    How do I get Garageband to record what I play with the Audulus plugin?

  • Hey David! Can you screenshot how you have Audulus set up?
  • Also, please attach the patch that you're trying to record with :)
  • Sure! thanks
  • Ah ok I see what's up! The Audulus plugin instrument's lane there is a MIDI roll. If you had MIDI info coming in, you would type it in there. If you want to record an audio clip from Audulus and save it as a sample, you have to open up a new track and tell that track to look at the audio coming from the Audulus track. Then you arm that second track to record and that will capture the audio. Does that make sense? PS: You can upload both pics and patches to the forum - if you're on iOS, you'll have to click "visit full site" at the bottom.
  • Thanks! I'll give that a shot
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  • @DavidColling - that worked, but did you try what I suggested with making a new track and routing the audio from the audulus midi track to the audio track? :)
  • @biminiroad I have tried, but I am not certain how to route the audio from the midi track to the audio track in Garageband. I've also searched around a lot for the solution but haven't found anything but information about how to set up the Audio Unit instrument.

    Edit: I've basically realized I need to use the AUNetSend and AUNetReceive plugins on each of the two tracks, but I still can't get a region to even show up when I record.
  • @DavidColling - I will download Garageband today and look into this for ya :)
  • So it looks like Garageband doesn't have advanced enough internal routing to do this. In Ableton Live, I can create a track and tell it to listen to the output of another track, and it will record what's coming off that track. This doesn't seem to be possible in GB. If you want to make an audio loop with an Audulus synth sound, you'll have to export the entire track and reimport it as an audio file.

    The Audulus AU is considered a "virtual instrument" - the piano roll there is all MIDI, and I assume Garageband will only render the song out to the end of the MIDI clip you have. If you have some random sequence that isn't clocked by Garageband.

    If that doesn't answer your question, I guess I need more specifics about what you're trying to do? If you have some self-playing patch going on that doesn't have MIDI input, I expect you'd just need to create a dummy MIDI note that doesn't do anything or send any info into Audulus, but it will give bounds to the beginning and ending of the song for Garageband to render.

    PS: How the F*** do you create MIDI notes in the piano roll in Garageband? Everything I look up is how to edit what's already there, but it doesn't seem like you can actually write them in manually. I have to first record some notes with musical typing then can drag them around, but I can't just create them with my mouse like I can in Ableton Live or literally any other DAW. What am I missing?
  • No, that answers most of my questions because there is nothing specific I'm trying to do. I'm just learning Audulus and want to know how to record things.

    On your "self-playing patch" idea:
    Is there some module in Audulus that I should put at the end of a "self-playing patch" so I can output MIDI?

    I've only ever made notes in the piano roll by recording for some random notes and then copying and moving those around. It is strange.
  • Actually, I just answered another question of mine. I just realized that I can export an mp3 from a GarageBand project with a track with an Audulus self-playing patch as the instrument plugin and it will export an mp3 of the plugin. I wrongly assumed before that there had to be recorded regions in the GarageBand project in order for me to hear anything in the exported mp3. I'm glad I tried that!

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  • Word, thanks David!

    "Is there some module in Audulus that I should put at the end of a "self-playing patch" so I can output MIDI?"

    There is no MIDI out yet in Audulus, but that feature is coming after we do arbitrary audio I/O! :)