Can i import sounds
  • Would love to work with already sounds that i have
  • I think sample import is on the list of things coming in the future.
  • Not yet - that will be implemented in Audulus 4. You'll be able to do some cool stuff like scrubbing back and forth over audio, as well as recording audio within Audulus. Taylor doesn't want to release this feature until it's really solid :)
  • This is going to be amazing.
  • Sounds greats! Itd be amazing to implement something along the lines of borderlands (ios app) granular synthesis for multiple samples in Audulus. Does taylor have any sort of a time table for next months/year? my excitement is killing me, audulus is so impressive, the future is going to really take you gus to the next level!
  • @Ryancolao - No timetable, but Audulus 4 probably won't come out until at least Spring next year. He's working on 2 other apps right now, so the idea is to get Audulus really solid with MIDI out and this multichannel out and then let patch development drive the "updates" for Audulus for a while. Also people always complain when a new version comes out, even though it'll have lots of new features, because, in their words, they have to "buy it again." So keeping 3 alive for longer should satisfy those peeps ;)
  • Looking forward to sample import. Would also love to see (intended :P ) image import. :)
  • @abstractcats - there already is image import - it's under Utilities and its SVG-based.

    Two recent threads about it: