Tempo Synced LFO
  • I thought i share with all of you my latest creation...

    LFO with Tempo Sync and Free Mode + Mod Input for both, 2x6 Outputs on each LFO for simultaneously use
    2Mode LFO.audulus
    1023 x 764 - 62K
  • made a mistake with the PW now its fixed
  • Nice work, I especially like the quantized tempo synced lfo design. When I'm not looking at patches on my iPhone I will have to mess around with this.
  • Heck yeah this is great! Thanks for sharing :)
  • glad u enjoy it.
    the only thing i didnt like while building the temp sync was that i couldnt show the actual state on the front panel cause it doesnt allow things like 1/16.. it will automatically substract it... it would be nice to have an option to show it like this on the front panel
  • Agreed. A "print text" type of node would definitely be nice. As it is, you can expose a text block and make a demur node with lights that turn on next to the relevant fraction when it is selected, however that would take up a lot of space on the front of the panel and is a bit of a pain to set up.
  • yea thats exactly why i didnt want to do it, cause it would make the modul much bigger..
  • @phal_anx - you could do something where you have a Mux that has inputs of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. and then a text node that says 1/[insert value node here] and then when you switch from each divisor, the value node would reflect there. Does that make sense?
  • it does... i need to try that ;)
  • the only problem then would be how to show 8, 4, 2, 1 bar(s) ...
  • i already got an idea... trying now.. I will post the new version if it works
  • here is the patch with readout.. thanks, @biminiroad for your idea
    2Mode LFO.audulus
  • made a new version out of the original tempo synced lfo..
    changed the free mode also to tempo synced..
    Added Lag Knob (now A and B can have different Lags)
    added a new option.. 1 output where both lfo´s are combined
    + waveforms selectable on both lfo´s to create a new shapes
    added a crossfader for a and b (with CV input)
    XFade LFO.png
    1023 x 764 - 80K
    XFade LFO.audulus
  • I like linking the outputs to the type knobs of the mixed output. You get some nearly random looking outputs that look like city skylines on rolling hills.
  • hahaa yeah... i still trying to find a way to make even more waveshapes out of them..
  • You should try and deconstruct the shape lfo object in the module library, it's got some fun wave-shaping ideas.

    Also, I like squiggly LFOs to get bouncing ball like effects.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.38.58 PM.png
    830 x 594 - 86K
    Squiggle Wave.audulus
  • thanks for the tipp :D do you mean the multishape lfo?
  • yeah, that's the one with the all the distortion types like "bit crusher" and such.
  • sweet, will dig into it later on :)

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