How can I save a sub-patch as a new module?
  • Hi. This is my first post. I'm working on a module, based on copying from an existing one. I create sub-patch, then copy and paste everything from the original module and start editing. All that is good (except I don't know how to edit the module name). I want to save the finished new module, so I can make instances of it in patches. Can't figure out how to do it. I'm working on Mac OSX. I've read that there is supposed to be a right click option to save it as a module, but there is no such option. How do I do it? TIA.

    Richard Brewster
  • Hey Richard! Mark here :) If you're on OSX, you can save a module to your library by going to the menu option Audulus 3 -> Open Modules Folder. You then save modules into that folder, and they'll become their own separate menu item (you can also organize them into folder and you'll get branching menus). See you at the next Asheville Synth meetup! I'll be doing a demonstration of Audulus and the ES-8 :)
  • Thanks, Mark! I am saving my patches locally under a folder in Documents. All I had to do was to copy from that directory into the Audulus Modules Folder and then it appeared on the Create menu. I also figured out that the name of the module was just an exposed text. It was way up in a corner and hard to find.