VST version Win7 live recording...
  • I had a good laugh today as I wanted to record 1/32 and 1/16 notes. I never had this kind of problem with another software. The recorded part is not 4/4 but the midi was. I didnt have alot of moduls in audulus (keyboard, oscillator, adsr, filter, vca, speaker).. Did someone already have the same problem? Right now i can only play long notes, modulate them on the fly while recording the whole time. Which is not a way i want to go.
    Maybe audulus dont like Studio One v2 (DAW).. Because i tried to sync audulus to my DAW (for a sequencer) and it didnt work either.
    my pc itself cant be the problem. thats for sure... cause every other software/hardware i use, work perfectly.
    any help is very appreciated!
    1920 x 1080 - 194K
    1920 x 1080 - 200K
  • I don't quite understand what the screenshots, what do the red lines indicate? Also post your patch and I will try it out in Ableton Windows 10 (which is the closest I have), to see if I encounter any issues.
  • the red lines just makes it clearer from my point of view. the first channel is as u can imagine the midi track with audulus vst... where u can see when the notes should be played and the 2nd one is the recording. i did a live recording into a new channel. i didnt bounce them down.. i also tried bouncing with the same result. it lags and start playing wierd.... totally out of sync. and i dont understand why... maybe its me or its the pc or software... i dont know. my pc is new/fresh installed.. and i didnt have this issue with v2 ... thank you for trying to help me.

    in the pictures you see the patch and the result of a recording i did a few minutes ago.. maybe its my fault... i cant get my head around this.. i also added the patch.. would amazing if u can help me. if i did something wrong just let me know :D
    i did the recording with 190 bpm.. i need to say that i didnt try it slower cause thats normally the bpm where i produce my sound.
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  • i tried the patch on my laptop too.. where it worked just fine.. so now i need to find out why it doesnt work proberly on my studio pc.. cause as i mentioned before its a fresh installed pc.. it should work fine
  • ok problem solved... i m just too impatient when something doesnt work proberly.. damnit hahaha... it was the buffersize of my external soundcard (presonus studiolive 16.4.2) which made this lags.. now i put it to 128 instead of 512 and the lag is gone.. its very interesting that this was the solution.
  • Ah! The old, the next morning you can see it with a fresh pair of eyes scenario :) Now I am curious what your tack sounds like, IDM? Retro Jungle? Gabba? Uptempo Polka?
  • i do hitech stuff.. its a mix between tek and psytrance..

    here is my SC profil