• i used the tutorial from Mark to create an 8 step sequencer.
    Now i want to add a reset option so that the sequence starts from the beginning as soon as a midi signal comes in.
    I m sure its very easy and i just think to complicated.
    Any help is much appreciated!
  • There are two count objects in the module library, the ^v count has a built in count reset. I should say that I find it more convenience to add a step-advance button and cue the last step so that when it receives the first clock pulse it plays the first step.
  • thanks, RobertSyrett. i finally managed to make it work.. its still not how i want it to be but at least i can restart it with a button for now. i just changed the counter^ modul a little bit and viola it works with a trigger button. i knew its not that hard to do it.
    but after a sleepless night, my head went nuts haha
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  • Nice! customizing the module was definitely the way to go. Clever use of the crossfade node also.
  • Hey @Phal_anx - that's how I do it in my patches. Only thing that you don't need there is the constant node - you can just go straight from the reset to the "c" input of the Crossfade node.

  • yea, i already changed that ;)