My first Moduls in V3
  • Ive modified some moduls into a more eurorack style'ish look.
    next up i m gonna change the envelope a bit more.. to switch between ADSR, ADR, AR or so... also i m trying to figure out how to invert the envelope...
    Phal_anx Moduls Part1.png
    1023 x 763 - 120K
    Phal_anx Moduls Part1.audulus
  • Very clean looking! One of the nicest things about Audulus that you can tweak the interface until it suites your needs.
  • ^^ Modules looking good! - To invert a 0-1 signal just put it through a maths expression node with the expression: 1-x
  • thanks afta8! i will try that in bit.
  • Looking awesome! :)
  • NICE ONE, Phal_anx!!! :-)