Older version of app in swedish AppStore?
  • Hello...
    Just bought and downloaded Audulus 3.3. However when I compare the UI to that in the tutorial videos it is obvious that the version i got is older. How come? Another thing is that since My iPad 2 bogs down on pretty much any examples i try (CPU up at 2-300 %) i was wondering If it is possible to run on a lower samplerate or if core audio wont allow that?
  • Hey Parmerud! It sounds like you're watching tutorial videos for Audulus 2, the older version of Audulus. iPad 2's don't run Audulus very well - we wish we could ban people from downloading it who have iPad 2's, but Apple won't let us.

    Email me at mark@audulus.com and we'll come up with a solution for ya :)