Clicking/clipping with fast envelope settings - help a noob
  • Hello all,

    I'm getting a nasty click when using fast envelope settings (specifically attack and release). Is this an issue with my patching, sound design, or something else?

    I've attached my WIP patch for reference. I was following this tutorial:

    Apologies if this is something blindingly obvious!
    FM WIP 2.audulus
  • Hey Audioneiromancer! The clicks you're getting are easily explained - you know how when you loop something but don't crossfade the transitions, you'll often hear a clicking sound at the loop points? This is because the waves of one loop and another are mismatched - one is high and the other low - and the sudden rush of the speaker to "catch up" from one side of the loop to the other creates a burst of harmonics.

    This phenomenon is the same thing you're experiencing with the envelope. The Audulus envelope is special compared to most envelopes. The minimum times for Attack, Decay, and Release are all 0. Any of these set to 0 will result in clicking artifacts.

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to make an envelope module that has minimum times set for each ADR parameter. You can go down to a times of 0.001 (one one thousandth of a second) without any audible clicking. (See attached patch)
    Minimum Envelope.audulus
  • Aha! I now understand entirely. Thanks!