Windows without a mouse?
  • Hi all,
    Does anyone have any experience of running Audulus on Windows with a touch screen?

    Is it possible to use all of its features using only touch gestures without ever needing the mouse?

  • Honestly I use a mouse even though I have a touch screen. I will double check when I'm in the studio today.
  • Thanks much appreciated.
  • RobertSyrett, did you get a chance to check it out?
  • Sorry for the delay. I packed the studio up on saturday, took it to an event on sunday, and am still unpacking it. I dug out the windows 10 sony laptop I have and it seems that right click menus do NOT appear when you tap and hold. So sadly no, you cannot currently use Audulus without a mouse since placing a node or module can only be done through the right click menu.

    To be clear, I tap and hold the square indicating a right click had been received by the OS but no menu appears when I release my finger. So this would be a feature request, and hopefully not one that is too difficult to accomplish.
  • Thanks for the link @biminiroad . I'm using an iPad and don't currently own a Windows touch screen but if Audulus works without a mouse I'll buy as large a screen as I can afford immediately!
    @RobertSyrett thanks for checking, does the above link make any difference?
  • No, short answer. But maybe it will get onto the laundry list of small fixes that Taylor implements with each patch. That is one of my favorite things about Audulus, is seeing improvements trickle in. Still can barely wait for midi out and sound processing in the VST plugin :)
  • Thanks so much for testing it :) I'll hold off on Windows in that case and keep my eyes peeled for updates.