Just bought Audulus, awesome!
  • I have heaps of great music software I've bought on iOS. For some reason, despite buying iOS music software since 2010, I've NEVER come accross Audulus? It's been around since 2012, correct?

    Anyway, the point of this post is so the devs know how I found out about it. I saw Audulus via Apple's featured listing on the Mac App Store, on someone else's Mac even, not my own. For my needs I'd rather have Audulus on my 12.9" iPad Pro so I haven't bought the Mac version at this time.

    But I thought it may help to know that the Mac AppStore version sold the iOS version to me :)

    Anyway, brilliant app! Love everything! Going to go back to playing now :)
  • Feel free to post any cool patches you make :)
  • @Darwiniandude - glad you like it! Let us know if you need any help on something you're working on! :)
  • +1 on this! I've been hooked on eurorack for years, so maybe this will curb my expenditure. There's nothing I've wanted to do in Audulus that I haven't been able to do so far. I've even built a basic frequency shifter. Not to mention polyphony! Loving it!

    Awesome work Taylor!
  • @mmmcc666 - glad you're loving it! Have you seen the ES-8 section of how to interface Audulus with Eurorack? You can use it like an ultimate Disting multifunction module!