Audio FX VST
  • I would like to see Audulus effect vst plugin.
  • @SononoS - the VST is installed automatically when you buy the Windows/Linux version, but the AU version for Mac is installed separately through the link @RobertSyrett provided above. For either to work, you'll have to have purchased the software first. Let me know if you have any more questions! :)
  • @biminiroad - I am on Windows. (in this case :) ) I see only a MIDI/Instrument VST.
  • @SononoS - right now, there is only an instrument (Taylor told me - I don't have a Windows computer). This will change in the future though! He's aware that this is something people want/need. VST/AU stuff is way challenging for Audulus though since it's such a weird, different app than most plugs are. I will make sure to make a post here announcing when the windows effect is available.
  • Oke. thanks for the response. I look forward to it.