New Feature Preview: 16 Channel Audio/CV I/O
  • In the video below, you'll see that @taylor's been busy creating the new ADC and DAC modules.

    ADC means "Analog to Digital Converter" i.e., audio/CV in.
    DAC means "Digital to Analog Converter" i.e., audio/CV out.

    You used to be limited to 2 audio/CV in and 2 audio/CV out with the Mic/Speaker nodes. Now you can have up to 16 channels of I/O!

    For the LFO output, I'm just using my UAD Apollo 8. You *can* use an AC-coupled interface (i.e., any normal audio interface) to send CV signals, but they won't be as strong or as accurate as a DC-coupled interface like the ES-8.

    This means LFOs work OK (if they're fast enough), but you can't send volt-per-octave signals through an AC interface and expect them to be in tune. The ES-8 is able to swing between +/- 10 volts - not sure what my audio interface puts out, but it's probably closer to +/- 2 volts.

    Let me know if you have any questions about this new feature! It will be available to beta testers soon, and soon enough to everyone else :)
  • >Now


    who are these beta testers?
  • It's a secret cabal of uber users...check your email!
  • Incredible!!!! this is huge!!!! Multichannel audio in means I can use the Audulus standalone for multiple inputs from an audio interface , then have then interact or "bus" them to an effect module. One step closer to completely replacing my DAW!
  • @ceilidhipley - just wait for Audulus 4 when we get MIDI roll and sampling and possibly even vst/au will leave Live and Bitwig in the dust!
  • Hi, any chance I can get in on the multichannel beta? I'm a Keith McMillen firmware programmer, big new fan of audulus and dusting off my eurorack stuff, was really excited to interface audulus to my modules through my old firewire ultralite and then realized that the mac multichannel support mentioned in the old posts isn't present in the current version. But then ran across this! Would love to check it out and do some testing for you guys, let me know if there's any way I can get involved. Hope it's going well :)
  • @demcanulty - email me with your name and what versions you want to beta for and I'll get you on the list :)
  • Keith McMillen and Audulus? That sounds like a synergistic partnership!
  • Haha, thanks Robert! @biminiroad, I didn't have your email so I sent you a pm here with my info, let me know if it failed to go through for any reason.