New Feature Preview: 16 Channel Audio/CV I/O
  • In the video below, you'll see that @taylor's been busy creating the new ADC and DAC modules.

    ADC means "Analog to Digital Converter" i.e., audio/CV in.
    DAC means "Digital to Analog Converter" i.e., audio/CV out.

    You used to be limited to 2 audio/CV in and 2 audio/CV out with the Mic/Speaker nodes. Now you can have up to 16 channels of I/O!

    For the LFO output, I'm just using my UAD Apollo 8. You *can* use an AC-coupled interface (i.e., any normal audio interface) to send CV signals, but they won't be as strong or as accurate as a DC-coupled interface like the ES-8.

    This means LFOs work OK (if they're fast enough), but you can't send volt-per-octave signals through an AC interface and expect them to be in tune. The ES-8 is able to swing between +/- 10 volts - not sure what my audio interface puts out, but it's probably closer to +/- 2 volts.

    Let me know if you have any questions about this new feature! It will be available to beta testers soon, and soon enough to everyone else :)
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    who are these beta testers?
  • It's a secret cabal of uber users...check your email!

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