• Here are some deeper bells. The two bells are the same module tuned differently
  • That is a nice sounding bell. This module could use a little development (a few selected parameters like size and brightnesss) but it should be quite useful for anyone looking to use Audulus for environmental sound design.
  • I agree. I haven’t worked out a good strategy for adjusting the various parameters. The bell sound is quite sensitive to small variations in tuning. So far I’ve just done it by ear.
  • Here's an improved bell module. It has controls for pitch, decay, tone and detune. It also has an 1/octave input. If you want to use the o input, set the pitch and detune to 0.5. There are trimmers internally for the balance between the various harmonics. The harmonic frequencies are from the Wikipedia article on strike tone.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 3.56.10 PM.png
    3548 x 1692 - 661K
    STS uDing.audulus
  • Just in time for some Holiday cheer!
  • Wow these sound THICK! Thanks for sharing :)