Changing Number of Steps in Bassic Sequencer
  • Hey all, this might be a dumb question but I was wondering if there is a way to change the number of steps in Bassic Sequencer, for example if I am wanting to have a pattern repeat in 5 instead of 8.

    I found some info for a previous version of Audulus but I think the module has been updated and can't quite figure it out.

  • Is the video you are looking for. I will attach the sequencer I made for myself If you have any need for it.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.03.07 PM.png
    978 x 275 - 86K
    RHS Knob Sequencer.audulus
  • Which basic basic sequencer patch are you referring to? The "bassic" sequencer module found in the module library? Because that one always confused me. I guess that's why I made my own. I would love to understand what you are saying, but I can't make out the context. Can you help me out with some screen caps or maybe a demo patch?
  • yes the main patch library has Bare Bones Sub Synth which has a Module called Bass-ic Sequencer i think that's the one asked about. it's how the devices work. the SEQ16 being easy to implement on the user side only needs a clock - it has two states - ON and OFF - 0 or 1 obviously it's Counting internally cos it kicks out its Step 1-16, whereas the DEMUX takes an external Count and hence you can 'count' in any order by manipulating the Count going in which is run by an incoming clock, the demux outputs the data at the Step you point to with the count, the SEQ16 only goes forward to the next step on incoming clocks. SEQ16 Step Output is being used in the example to RESET the SEQ16 at the step number set on the Step Knob.
    the two nodes demux and seq16 start on different numbers - demux at zero and seq16 at 1 but to control the demux you have to control the counting logic within the patch. seq16 will sequence 1-16 as long as the clocks keep on running with no counting necessary. the demux is easier to cascade into any number of outputs than seq16.
  • @hruffin3 - that's the old version - there's a newer one in the update. However, I made a simpler version here (attached).

    This is a video of it doing its thing in various configurations. You can link up multiple sequencers to get deeper sequences!

    8 Step Sequencer.audulus
  • that's a very nice patch and excellent video production too! really like that and twisted manatee which needed a lil more cpu/memory on the older iphone 5 but run great on new 7. waiting on this midi out for some redesign completions here and what's that you said about a memory node is that any time soon
  • @hruffin3 - thanks! the data (memory) node is coming in Audulus 4 - it's going to be a lot of work, but it will allow you to load and record samples as well as other kinds of number-based data :)