Screen Capture WITH SOUND
  • I have a Mac macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2
    I'm making a Tutorials I would like to screen Capture with sound not microphone...
    I see you guys can do it...

    Thank you,
  • That would be awesome! Apple makes it a little tricky. If you have a nice audio interface, you can use that to capture the sound along with the screen in QuickTime. I ended up using a free demo version of the program Looper to do the same thing, which works for 20 minutes and then you have to restart the program.

    There is more on this topic in the Audulus build podcast thread.
  • Looper? is this available in the App Store?
    I did checked it out and found a lot of Looper apps.. LOL..
  • I found Soundflower that with work on macOS 10.12.2

    Here is the link....
  • Sorry, the program was called Loopback. Soundflower was what i used to use but it stopped working for me when I switched to os sierra. I downloaded a version from github that didn't work either, so if you have found a version that runs on 10.12 I may follow after you!
  • Soundflower from this link that I provided works very well! :)
  • OKAY I have seen this before LOOPBACK My first and still remarks are "Are you kidding!" $99 US too much sorry this is expensive...
  • Lol, that's why I haven't upgraded from the free demo.
  • This is the best way to do it (for free - requires a DAW and an audio interface that feeds your speakers/headphones):

    Set your system's output to soundflower 2ch
    Open up Quicktime and set soundflower 2ch as the audio input
    Open up a DAW and set soundflower 2ch as the audio input
    Create a stereo track, then monitor soundflower 2ch
    Set DAW's output to the audio interface output (in my case, the UAD Apollo)

    When I do my tutorials, I just film what I'm doing, then I go back later and add commentary. I've found this is a much, much faster way to make videos, and it also makes for a tighter, more concentrated tutorial with fewer "ums" and "where is that...oh yeah." You can just clip, hold, stretch whatever you want.

    Thanks! :)