Finding Modules
  • Hey there, I just updated Audulus to the latest Version but cannot find things like the Rotating Clock Divider. Wasn't´t this part of the modules that get shipped with Audulus? Where can I find the Rotating Clock Divider?
  • There is a divided clock module. But if you are looking for a module like the 4ms rotating clock divider you might try the shift register module. If neither of those float your boat, you can try making one yourself (you can do it! XD) or ask @biminiroad nicely over in the module request thread.
    dividing clock.audulus
  • Those modules were in my library before, so I was assuming those are part of the Adulus Library, but now they´re gone!
  • it´s in the module overview, too. But not in my copy of Adulus.
  • Is it in sequencers? I vaguely remember seeing this recently.
  • @plk Wow, I have never seen that! Yeah, this definitely a +1 for a search feature.
  • Sorry guys, I took it out to redo it, since it actually doesn't work like the real one does (it doesn't divide properly). is where all the old patches are now

    I've attached it below as well!