Can I use Audulus as a multitimbral all-in-one studio via Virtual MIDI?
  • OK, last question before purchase!

    Can I assign separate MIDI IN channels (or even better, separate Virtual MIDI sources) per module, so that I could, for example, have 8 different synths in Audulus, that are driven by 8 MIDI tracks in Cubasis? Could I, apart from Note on/off/velocity also send CCs for controlling Audulus knobs?

  • The midi keyboard object can be set to receive on a particular midi channel. You click on the node to rotate through the channels. You can right click and select "learn midi cc" and adjust the knob/slider on your controller and that will map the function. The same is mostly true for assigning midi note triggers. Audulus is great at making it's own generative music though, so don't be surprised if you end up not even using multiple midi ins :)
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  • Great. Well, this app seems like a revelation. Definite buy! :)
  • If you're using Cubasis, you'll just instantiate multiple versions of the VST/AU version of Audulus in each lane. Audulus is also on its way to becoming a DAW by itself!

    Right now we're working on arbitrary audio I/O (instead of just 2 in, 2 out), and we're also working on MIDI out. Audulus 4 will have sampling and (possibly, probably) a piano roll, and *crossing fingers* the ability to host VSTs/AUs, making it a fully-fledged DAW.