Shepard Tone module
  • About 4 months ago I came across some forum post about the Shepard tone generator and it peaked my interest. The only one that was made, was for Audulus 2 not 3, so I wanted to make it myself... mostly as an exercise to learn Audulus better.
    I realized quickly that getting it to sound right was going to be a challenge, mainly because my math skills were very cobbwebby. Besides figuring out the exponential function to scale the sweep and frequency range correctly, the main challenge was to sync the phasors so they were octaves apart, ascending and descending. So after 4 months of going back on Khan's academy to relearn my math that I haven't had in 20 years, I FINALLY made the Shepard tone generator module for Audulus 3! It has a climb rate from .01 to 1 Hz, both ascending and descending tones. I am certain there is a better way to accomplish much of this, but this is what I got working now. I would love to see improvements on my design if anyone cares to. I couldn't find where to delete the history of my file (I'm running 3.3 on my PC, latest on my ipad) so the file size is 7.4 MB. So here's my first module contribution to this great forum:
    The Shepard Tone Module
  • Very nice! I have very strong childhood memories of listening to this at a learning museum as a child. This patch is the perfect bit of nostalgia for the holiday season:)

    Also isn't it amazing how much math lurks just below the surface when you design your own sounds? I gotta say Audulus definitely exercises the little grey cells.