Sample node
  • I remember in an old version of Audulus there was a sample node that could load long stereo samples.
    I've seen that A3 didn't have the Sample node anymore and that's really a pity.
    It will e reimplemented soon or there is no plan for that?
  • Was that like Audulus 1 or something? I don't remember it in 2 (when I got on board). Sampling is coming in Audulus 4 - the way that we want to do it (load, record, export, scrub backwards forwards) requires a TON of work. You'll be able to do wayyyy more with it than just load an audio sample and trigger it - you'll be able to make complex delay lines that make up reverbs, use it to store data and presets, granular synthesis, and more. So in other words, it will be worth the wait! :)

    Audulus 3 will have MIDI out and arbitrary audio I/O, though - those are still coming in a future update.
  • That's a great news about Audulus 4 would be the perfect tool for audio playback/mangling, do you have an approx release date?
  • 2020

    edit: I should say that this is a playfully sarcastic response. I have no actual clue when Audulus 4 will arrive.
  • pretty close, fine
  • @rinzler81z - I don't know - Taylor is taking some time to make some other apps now that Audulus is (about to be) in a really awesome place, especially with MIDI out and arbitrary I/O. I can't say what he's working on (it's a secret) but they sound REALLY cool.

    A lot of the improvements of Audulus can be made with what's already there! :)
  • I'm sure, unfortunately I see a meaningful personal use of Audulus with sample node, otherwise I just don't need it, sorry :)
  • @rinzler81z - that's fine! sign up for the mailing list here and you'll get a notification when we roll out sampling! :)