• Where is the midi keyboard? or how to make one?
    I have seen some tutorials showing a midi Keyboard...

    Thank you... :)
  • What version are you using? It's under MIDI -> Keyboard on computer. There's also a MIDI Input module (attached here, but also available under Utilities in the module library).
    MIDI In.audulus
  • This module don't like any keyboard... Sorry I'm kinda lost..

    Mac Version 3
  • Do you want a keyboard input for a patch or are you talking about the on-screen keyboard? Are you using the iOS version or the computer version? The computer version doesn't have an on-screen keyboard. The iOS version's keyboard can be accessed by pressing the chevron (little arrows) in the lower left corner.

    EDIT: I see you say that you're on computer - that's probably why you don't see it! :) Plug in a MIDI controller to your computer.
  • In case you don't have a midi controller.
  • Thank you Robert :)
    I very disappointed in the mac version, most tutorials are on the iPad and is very confusing. I feel that the Mac version short end of the stick on this...
  • @Affinity_Jack - the only difference between the iPad and Mac versions are where things are located (the menus). In the grand scope of what Audulus has to offer, these differences are miniscule.

    What is it exactly that you're confused about?