AUDULUS 3,Locking Up My MacBook Pro!!!
  • Having Issues,Openig Up,Audulus 3,On my MacBook Pro,Running El Capitan.Upon Opening Audulus 3,App Will Open,Then Lock-Up
    My Laptop.All I Get Is That Spinning Beach Ball,No Matter How Long I Wait...Still Spinning Ball.I Must Shut Down My Laptop,At Least
    6 Times,And That Is Just To Quit AUDULUS 3.Booting Up My Laptop,Audulus Is Still Running,But Not Responding To Quit Commands.Multiple Shutdowns Of My MacBook Pro,Are Required To Finally Be Rid Of AUDULUS 3.Can Any Of You More Capable Lads Help Me Out???
  • How were you able to install it? I wasn't able to download Audulus 3 until I updated to Mac OS Sierra.
  • No issues downloading,should I upgrade to SIERRA,for functionality?Audulus 3 eventually works...after multiple computer shutdowns!!!!
  • I do know that Audulus is designed for OS 10.11 or higher. But whether you want to update your OS only to run Audulus is a tricky call. When I upgraded my OS I lost some KORG plug-ins that were a total hassle to install, you never know exactly what you are going to lose in a OS update until you have crossed the rubicon.
  • You can install El Capitan or Sierra to an external (usb etc) drive and (optionally) use the migration assistant during setup to import all your data. This way you can see how your apps and plugins work in it without messing around with your current system.

    If it doesn't work out, just disconnect the external drive and boot back into your system as usual.
  • @moogyloogy59 - sorry you're having issues! We do like to keep the forum free of support questions. Instead, use and we'll get right back to you! The forum is more for asking questions on how to use Audulus, not debug it. It sounds like you have an older OS. Thanks @moof_mooferson for the tip on external drives