Touch Keyboard Sequencer
  • I'm starting work on recreating another favorite piece of analog gear. I can't quite figure out where to start though. I drew up a sketch of how I would like the module to end up but what from there? Build one row? Also, it seems like the Seq 16 node can't jump to a given step. How can I build a sequencer of arbitrary length?
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  • I guess I can help myself by trying to keep track of my progress with posts to this discussion. Today I took a look at the row of trigger out signals in my concept sketch. First I made an ADSR node with the attack, sustain, and release turned down and the decay tuned to resemble a trigger pulse gate. Then I copied and pasted them into a demux node, which I I then copied and pasted. Then I set about trying to create a continuous sweep of triggers across the two switch nodes.

    What I came to realize was the trigger at out 1 of the demux would be triggered as the routing switched away from it, basically sending a message that it was off. So I guess that's a feature, now I know a way to send out a trigger when an event ends. But that means I have 7 reliable addresses for a given switch.

    Being a novice, I'm sure such observations betray my ignorance, but I present them here in the spirit of learning.
    Cardinal Confusion.audulus
  • After familiarizing myself with the switches in Audulus a little more, I thought I would try to make a little 4x4 sequencer with some of the features of the concept sketch. And it works! I had to abandon the ADSR as a trigger generator because it didn't seem to to always trigger, but using the out 1 of the mux node sending a zero and outs 2-5 as the channel assignments sending a one, it worked perfectly. The amount of routing was pretty mind boggling and I think I will have to figure out a way of making subpatches more strategically just for the sake of clarity and redesign the inner workings for a left to right signal flow.

    That being said, the mini sequencer works quite well, and using a couple of them modulating each other and sending triggers periodically to reverse direction, I was able to create a patch with a lot of variation.

    Attached is a patch of the mini sequencer along with a diagnostic tool I was using, the patch I made using the sequencer, and a few pics describing the respective patches. You have to unmute the channels on the mixer if you want the patch to make sounds, by the way.
    RHS MINI SEQ.audulus
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  • I spent the last day or so really going over the idea of switches and counters. First I made 28 address mux and demux modules and then I set about deconstructing the bundled count and ^vcount modules, which I had always found confusing when I peaked inside. Eventually I relabeled everything on the interface so that it was optomized for clarity rather than visual compactness and wrote descriptions on each of the parts inside until the gestalt of the functions came into view. Then I added the functions that I wanted such as random select and a minimum count value, and an input to jump to an arbitrary point in the count. I honestly have not though this hard about data feedback loops and routing since high school computer science. I am posting the mux28, demux28, and complex counter here if anyone finds the need of them, they won't have to start from scratch.
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    28 node mux and demux.audulus
    RHS Complex Counter.audulus
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  • OK! I think I got this sequencer as good as I am going to get it before @biminiroad gets around to more of his sequencer tutorials. All the features work as I imagined them, although I couldn't conceive of how to implement the keyboard functionality. Perhaps at some point in the distant future, I will return to this project and build a keyboard module that will fit into this sequencer. Until then all the best, have a happy thanksgiving!
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    RHS Jump Seq mk2.audulus
  • OMG, I keep finding bugs in my design. So depressing. On the plus side I found an article calling the Serge TKS the "granddaddy" of the modern step sequencer.