Free Oscilloscope Plugin
  • Some people have wanted a faster-drawing scope for Audulus - this is still coming. But while you're waiting for that, I found a nice free scope here:

    Available as a plugin. If you want to use it with the standalone, install Soundflower, route your system's sound to your DAW, have the DAW output to your speakers, and then host the plugin in the channel that has the audio coming in. It's mono only so you have to pick left or right channels, but you can just host two together and have two channels of scopage that way :)
  • Heeeeeeey! Good find.
  • Any chance the new scope could have x and y inputs. It is really nice to be able to do x-y style scope analysis.
  • @Richtowns Sounds good to me! Would be good for analyzing phase relationships
  • It's also a viable medium for animation: