There is Oscillator with phase control input?
  • Hi, I'm new to audulus but i have a lot of experience with similar modular interfaces.
    There is oscillator module with possibility to control the phase (to create fm/pm patches)?
    if not i believe it's necessary...
  • One of the LFOs has a phase control on it, but no, the oscillator right now doesn't have a phase controller. You can craft your own oscillator with phase control out of the LFO one that I have there, but it won't be anti-aliased (though if you're just using sine waves, that's not a big deal). In the future, we'll have upsampling and the ability to do in-app anti-aliasing, so you could just make this yourself, but for right now, I'll add it to the suggestion list though!
  • @shayshez, Plurgid made a FM operator oscillator. It's in the discussion called FM Rat Nasty or something along those lines.

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