Audulus Video Build-Along Podcast
  • Hey there folks! I'm toying with the idea of starting a kind of weekly video podcast where I'm just building stuff and explaining what I'm doing as I do it (fast forwarding through the boring/repetitive bits). It will be less formal that the tutorials but might still have some great info for people.

    If this is interesting to you, I'd like to take requests for what you want to watch me build. Want to make a sequencer? A custom VCO? Let me know below!
  • I would definitely watch this every week :) I don't really care what you'll do, as far as I'm concerned everything is interesting. Although currently I'm trying to create some drum modules (kick, snare etc., just to educate myself about the synthesis of these kinds of sounds) and I would like to learn more about that.
  • @balph Thanks! I'll start with drums then :)
  • @biminiroad Great, looking forward to it :)