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  • Please post your requests for modules in this thread - I will try to build as many of them as I can and include them in an upcoming update. Thank you! :)
  • There's a new App on the iTunes store called "MultiTone Generator". When I first saw this, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to emulate this in Audulus". That said, though, I never started working on it.
  • @bryan58 Can you describe more about what you'd like this module to do? A lot of what multitone generator seems to do is just covered in the oscillator itself. If you give me a list of features I can make this real quick and upload it here! :)
  • Biminiroad - indeed, the oscillator itself does most of the work, but what I thought would be interesting would be a UI that allowed for quick selection of waveforms, sweeps, etc with internal mixing and an output that displays the combined signal. However, this then brings up a question I posed earlier about 'downsampling' a signal so the Waveform node shows a nice, crisp visual. I'm a visual person and when it comes to signal theory and analysis, I like to see it in addition to hearing it.
  • Ok, so in you don't want a clone of this app but basically a function generator? Also, what do you mean about downsampling it?
  • Yes - a easily programmable function generator. By downsampling, I mean some way to show the waveform even at high frequencies. It's been a long time (35+ years) since I've worked with an oscilloscope, but they had some mechanism of doing this. See the attached image comparing the presentation of a 500hz square in MultiTone Generator versus Audulus 3. I can see that it is a square wave in MultiTone Generator, but have no clue (other than looking at the oscillator setting) what it is in Audulus. I think we need some sort of "frequency" dial on the Waveform node to be able to do this.
    waveform comparison.JPG
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  • Sounds good! Will get that going. To do the oscilloscope stuff you're talking about we actually need to have a different node. @macromachines hacked some patches that sort of do this but it's not the kind of accuracy you want. That will be coming though! Especially with Expert Sleepers ES-8 integration, it'd be awesome to have a nice little fast scope that you could plug into :)
  • Something with AUv3 and 3D-touch on the iphones..
  • @Nexzzzt this thread is for requests for modules, not for features - there's a separate thread for that: http://forum.audulus.com/categories/feature-requests
  • How would one go about creating a wave folder in Audulus?
  • @RobertSyrett - one way is to multiply an incoming signal and then take the sin(x) of it, so like sin(Audio*(knob*10+1)) - the plus 1 is there so it doesn't go to zero when the knob is turned down, *10 is arbitrary it can be more if you want.
  • @biminiroad I will try that out immediately.
  • Is it possible to get pointier wave folding? Also that is fantastic.
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  • @robertsyrett - pointier? What do you mean - like preserve the peaks? I'm not sure myself, but you might also want to mess around with tanh(x), the hypertangent function - so like sin(tanh(Audio*(knob*10)+1))) or tanh(sin(Audio*(knob*10)+1))
  • Well those aren't graphically what I was looking for but sonically those are really nice! They have a soft clipping distortion thing going on. Thanks again!
    2048 x 1536 - 158K
  • I forgot to say @biminiroad d'oh
  • I ended up spending the day wave folding.
    Simple Wave Folder.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 257K
  • How would one create a 6 db resonant filter module which did not self-oscillate?
  • Ableton Link module pls!
  • Rotary knobs would be good, with a subpatch adjusting increment/decrement ratio/gear type setup... this would make building menu systems more convenient, in octocontroller or to deal with any varying parameter value to adjust from
  • @jimbo - you can already do this with the knobs as is for most situations - but you're talking about a rotary encoder right, not a rotary switch? one that scrolls endlessly?
  • Yes, that's what I mean.

    Edit: It just seems a logical tool, more so before I successfully worked out that part of the octocontroller menu system, admittedly.

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