Feature Requests - Modules
  • Please post your requests for modules in this thread - I will try to build as many of them as I can and include them in an upcoming update. Thank you! :)
  • There's a new App on the iTunes store called "MultiTone Generator". When I first saw this, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to emulate this in Audulus". That said, though, I never started working on it.
  • @bryan58 Can you describe more about what you'd like this module to do? A lot of what multitone generator seems to do is just covered in the oscillator itself. If you give me a list of features I can make this real quick and upload it here! :)
  • Biminiroad - indeed, the oscillator itself does most of the work, but what I thought would be interesting would be a UI that allowed for quick selection of waveforms, sweeps, etc with internal mixing and an output that displays the combined signal. However, this then brings up a question I posed earlier about 'downsampling' a signal so the Waveform node shows a nice, crisp visual. I'm a visual person and when it comes to signal theory and analysis, I like to see it in addition to hearing it.
  • Ok, so in you don't want a clone of this app but basically a function generator? Also, what do you mean about downsampling it?
  • Yes - a easily programmable function generator. By downsampling, I mean some way to show the waveform even at high frequencies. It's been a long time (35+ years) since I've worked with an oscilloscope, but they had some mechanism of doing this. See the attached image comparing the presentation of a 500hz square in MultiTone Generator versus Audulus 3. I can see that it is a square wave in MultiTone Generator, but have no clue (other than looking at the oscillator setting) what it is in Audulus. I think we need some sort of "frequency" dial on the Waveform node to be able to do this.
    waveform comparison.JPG
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  • Sounds good! Will get that going. To do the oscilloscope stuff you're talking about we actually need to have a different node. @macromachines hacked some patches that sort of do this but it's not the kind of accuracy you want. That will be coming though! Especially with Expert Sleepers ES-8 integration, it'd be awesome to have a nice little fast scope that you could plug into :)
  • Something with AUv3 and 3D-touch on the iphones..
  • @Nexzzzt this thread is for requests for modules, not for features - there's a separate thread for that: http://forum.audulus.com/categories/feature-requests
  • How would one go about creating a wave folder in Audulus?
  • @RobertSyrett - one way is to multiply an incoming signal and then take the sin(x) of it, so like sin(Audio*(knob*10+1)) - the plus 1 is there so it doesn't go to zero when the knob is turned down, *10 is arbitrary it can be more if you want.
  • @biminiroad I will try that out immediately.
  • Is it possible to get pointier wave folding? Also that is fantastic.
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  • @robertsyrett - pointier? What do you mean - like preserve the peaks? I'm not sure myself, but you might also want to mess around with tanh(x), the hypertangent function - so like sin(tanh(Audio*(knob*10)+1))) or tanh(sin(Audio*(knob*10)+1))
  • Well those aren't graphically what I was looking for but sonically those are really nice! They have a soft clipping distortion thing going on. Thanks again!
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  • I forgot to say @biminiroad d'oh
  • I ended up spending the day wave folding.
    Simple Wave Folder.audulus
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  • How would one create a 6 db resonant filter module which did not self-oscillate?
  • Ableton Link module pls!
  • Rotary knobs would be good, with a subpatch adjusting increment/decrement ratio/gear type setup... this would make building menu systems more convenient, in octocontroller or to deal with any varying parameter value to adjust from
  • @jimbo - you can already do this with the knobs as is for most situations - but you're talking about a rotary encoder right, not a rotary switch? one that scrolls endlessly?
  • Yes, that's what I mean.

    Edit: It just seems a logical tool, more so before I successfully worked out that part of the octocontroller menu system, admittedly.
  • --I would love a multi-slider module like Max has: a bunch of sliders that output a range of values in a list format. Of course you'd have to have a pack and unpack module for said lists.
    --There's a mixer4x1 module, but it would be great to have a mixer(n)x1 where the user can decide how many inputs they want to mix
  • Ive recently seen some great introduction to modular synthesis videos (many of which linked on these forums) where people walk through their modular setups step by step, module by module, connection by connection. I think it would be great if there was a video showing areal modular setup walking through a basic patch, and the existing audulus setup with a as near-as-possible clone of the basic modules, with them even being visually setup as close as possible. That way there can be "pause-and-play" moments in the video where you mess around in audulus!