No MIDI in AU? Reinstall and redownload it!
  • We fixed a problem that blocked MIDI from coming into Audulus AU - uninstall it and redownload it here:
  • Question on the midi-AU front, I've had success getting midi in using the keyboard node, but I can't seem to get CC's to come through using the "Learn CC" feature on Audulus nodes. Has anyone gotten this working in logic and another daw?

    -- Paul
  • @otto_von_bismarck As I understand it, this is a known issue that Taylor will fix in an upcoming overhaul of the AU/VST. :)
  • @biminiroad Do you know approximately when it will be fixed? I am preparing for a Live performance and I would like to use Audulus in Ableton live but without "Learn Midi CC" I will have to find another alternative.
  • @Jakub - do you want the Learn MIDI CC's for controls on a keyboard, or for automation? Because if you just want to play a synth you made in Audulus along with a song that's sequenced in Ableton, you can just open the standalone and map the CC's there, play the synth there, and then adjust the volume vs the Live set so it's appropriate.

    But if you need it for drawing automation, I would not count on it being out before your concert.
  • @biminiroad Before I have been using audulus standalone with soundflower going to ableton and recording it but now I wanted to have at least two separated channels so I can put on each channel different effects, for example, but most important to record it separately and do some mixing afterwards. if you have any other suggestion how to achieve that please let me know.
  • @jakub - Have you tried using the 16in/16out setting for Soundflower and using the ADC/DAC nodes (only available for Mac/iOS right now). That would give you up to 16 independent outs you could send to Live.
  • @Biminiroad Yeah I actually thought about it but when I couldn't make it happen I thought it was because that new multichannel update in Audulus is only for Analog devices. I will try it again and let you know if I will have any issue with setting it up. Thank you for your help!
  • @Jakub - yeah no, it'll work for whatever! :) If you film/record the concert you end up doing with Audulus, please post it here so we can all enjoy it!
  • @Biminiroad It works now! Thank you! The performance will be in Boiler room Berlin and it will be live streamed so I can perhaps let you know before it will start and send you a link. I am using Audulus and my friend she is playing on her Eurorack modular.
  • @Jakub - aw great! Yeah if you send me a link to the stream I'll repost it from Audulus accounts :)