New versions require OS X upgrade?
  • I'm running Audulus 3.1 on OS X 10.10. It seems Audulus 3.2 started requiring OS X 10.11. I've been avoiding upgrading my main music-making workstation because I believe there are still ongoing problems with some of my audio software/hardware and this version of OS X.

    It's frustrating that an app's minor version upgrade requires an operating system upgrade. I'd totally understand if Audulus 4 only runs on newer Macs, but we're still on 3.x which used to work fine on my computer.

    Is there any way an upcoming 3.x build could be made to work with OS X 10.10 like the earlier 3.x builds, or is it simply not possible/feasible?
  • Hey Adam! I have sympathy for your problem - I just saw something about how AUs are getting broken by a new OSX update and that seems pretty worrisome. The thing is, Taylor only has so much time in the day, and unlike many apps that aren't ready for new updates when they come out, Audulus is always ready for the latest OS. The problem with upgrading to newer OSes is less on us than it is on other software companies that don't update as quickly as we do. Also, Taylor often uses new developer tools that come out in new updates, so that often requires him to be on the latest update as well. He could spend time making things backwards compatible, but then that's time he could be spending making Audulus better. Put another way, Taylor doesn't go out of his way to make Audulus *not* work on older OSes.

    Hope that makes sense - if all you want are the new patches, I can just email a zip file to you with all of them in it. Email me at for that :)
  • Yeah, I get it. I know Apple often doesn't make it easy to stay backward compatible. Just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks for offering to send me the patches. I'll take you up on that.

    I can also use my work computer to try out the latest version of Audulus while I debate upgrading my home music workstation.
  • I totally understand your response as well, but with all of the issues people are having with the latest Mac OS's (particularly when it comes to playing nice with music creation software) I beg you to at least consider making a backwards compatible Mac OS version. As someone who loves and purchased the iPad version, I actually wish I could give you more of my money for this amazing app so that I can practice using it on my desktop with the larger screen realestate.....As I think is true for many others, I just can't in good conscious update my mac os because I have too much critical software running perfectly well right now, and I have many first hand accounts of disasterous failures from many of my friends and colleagues who have updated....anyway....Just my two cents(euros/pounds/rubles)..... :)
  • +1 on backwards compatibility. Most of us poured a ton of money into systems that we have working perfectly, and we're not going to be quick to update.

    For example, I was about to take part in the sale today, but I can't run Audulus on OSX 10.10.5. That, and is Audulus the sort of app that leaves it's original customers in the dust when a new OS comes out? As in, if I do update everything and buy Audulus, will you be off to the new OS and leave me stranded? That's no good...
  • @SteveX @Gnomedrone - All I can say is Taylor tries everything he can do to make Audulus work on older OS for as long as possible. He's not in cahoots with Apple to get people to buy new iPads every year. It has to do with the way XCode, the programming platforms for iOS, works, and it's not always something that's in developer's hands.

    As for Audulus vs other apps - Audulus has undergone some pretty dramatic changes since 2, being written in an entirely new language, and now with the most recent update having the core of the audio engine rewritten. Now that these things have happened, the core of Audulus will not change as much. Other apps that have greater backwards compatibility are probably that way because they're not as complex as Audulus is.

    In the end, all I can say is we do our best - there is a lot of work ahead of us - new features to be added, and ones that people have wanted for a long time - and if for every new thing we add we have to spend X amount of time keeping the new features running older OSes, we'd eventually have no time to work on newer features, would not attract new customers, and would stop updating because we'd stop existing. It's a balance that's not always easy to strike when you only have 1 person working on the code for a complex and sprawling project like Audulus.

    That said, if you do update your OS, the likelihood that you'll have to do it again by the time Audulus 4 runs around is slim. Since we don't do in-app purchases anymore, we ask people to pay for the big upgrades, like you would for Live 8 to Live 9.

    Hope that all make sense and seems fair - like I said, we try our best! :)
  • I've found that it's possible to get the 3.3 AudioUnit working in Yosemite.

    You need to edit the info.plist inside the Audulus app and change LSMinimumSystemVersion from 10.11 to 10.10.

    Ideally this would have allowed the app itself to run, but it still refuses to launch. However, changing the minimum system version allows the AU to load the app.

    I've only opened a couple of modules to test this, but hopefully it helps.