Hammond Percussion Generator
  • As part of my attempt to recreate a classic organ sound I've developed a module that emulates the percussion feature found on many Hammond organs. It's used together with Biminiroad's excellent organ oscillator and a rotary speaker module I posted earlier. If you're fortunate enough to have two MIDI keyboards set you can double up the poly keyboard/ADSR/OSC and set them to different MIDI channels to get a double manual organ. The original Hammond only had percussion on the upper manual. The sound is decent, although you may need to tweak the volumes and delays. I'm still not entirely happy with the triggering. I use a second keyboard instance set to legato to get the single trigger which seems to work pretty well, but I'm currently using a delay loop feeding an ADSR to generate the volume envelope which seems to have some issues at high keying rates. It could be my sloppy playing as well. I did lower the initial gain on the Leslie module to provide some more headroom. Comments are welcome.
  • Thanks. Nice sound, but getting some clicking on key press (and release?) that I can't get rid of. Just me?
  • you might try adding just a little bit of attack and release to the envelope generators. The Hammond actually had a bit of "key noise" when when you pressed a key so I didn't worry about it too much but I've found if you leave the attack and/or decay for the envelope at 0, the abrupt transition can cause clicking.