Analog Delay and Icebox Granular Freezer Guitar Patches
  • Guitarists out there - enjoy these patches. A very deep-sounding analog delay with color control and chorusing modulation that goes from deep sweeps to Leslie-style. The Icebox is freezes your guitar in little chunks and repeats them infinitely, or, as in the case of this patch, will slowly rise and fall in an envelope around your guitar. Works best if you strum or pluck a chord and hold it.
    Icebox Enveloped Repeater.audulus
    Analog Delay + Spring Reverb.audulus
  • Here's my spectral freezer work In progress.. I think I have a better UI version somewhere, sorting through
    2732 x 2048 - 173K
  • Just started playing with the Icebox. Man this things cool! Thanks @biminiroad !
  • Finally got a chance to play with the Icebox. Really nice! I haven't played around too much with Audulus as an effects processor (mostly use BiasAmp and FX), but this and the reverb clearly demonstrate its potential. Can wait for the sampler node!
  • @stschoen - I've come from Bias too, but was starting to get frustrated with some of it. I'm working at getting everything I used to use in bias FX happening in Audulus so I can just go with that and Bias amp, or stick with a real amp :)
  • @zilch42 @stschoen here's a video I just did today with it! Haven't played with it in a while but it's really fun.
  • Sounds great. Enjoyed the video. I was running through an iTrack into my iPad and through a Peavy Amp. I'll post something if I do anything worth listening to.
  • @stschoen Thanks and please do!
  • Wow, icebox is genius.