Eminent 310/Solina/Jarre String Machine, with Phaser and Fairly Serious Reverb
  • This patch contains numerous useful modules which I have spent several months developing:

    Eminent 310 Chorus emulates the lush string machines of the 1970s, such as the Eminent 310 used by Jarre, the Solina, and others.

    Phaser 6 is a 6-stage phaser, easily reconfigured to more or fewer stages.

    Fairly Serious Reverb is the result of 15 years of reverb R&D, appearing here in Audulus for the first time.

    Simple Synth is nothing special, except inside it you'll find "Corrected Envelope" which fixes the chopped-off release that's so annoying in the Audulus envelope generator.

    Inside the top-level modules are numerous new sub-modules such as phaser allpass, nested reverb allpass, and 1-pole filters.
    Eminent Chorus.audulus
  • @lagomorph Will have to put these to good use. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  • Wow, this is excellent! Beautiful, thank you :-)
  • Another chestnut from the archives!
  • Wow man! I can't believe I missed this!
    I was just thinking I wanted to figure out how to make a nice reverb, and searched the forum to see what the masterminds here had already cooked up.

    This patch is PURE GOLD, I'll be dissecting this and learning from it for weeks!
    Super well done!

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