MIDI Control In Background Doesn't Work As Expected
  • Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any insight on this one.

    I'm using Audulus on iOS (in Audiobus) in the background, much like a guitar FX unit. The problem is: I have four knobs set to be controlled via a hardware MIDI controller, but when Audulus is in the background, not all of them continue to work. When I bring Audulus to the front, all those MIDI control messages I sent (that weren't applied real-time) finally kick in all at once, and the parameters change as they should have.

    Is this a known bug, or a limitation, or is there some solution?

  • Hi there Brett! Thanks for reporting this issue - could you email support@audulus.com to continue the conversation there? We try to keep the forum focused on using Audulus and getting help with making patches, while providing tech support over email :)
  • sure thing, thanks
  • Not the ideal solution, but I found a workaround! So instead of CC's, I used Note Messages.... (converted through MidiBridge), and for whatever reason, they are solid for controlling Audulus in the background.
  • huh nice, thanks for sharing this! :)