Unwelcome Guests (redux)
  • I accidentally deleted the last thread about the 949 spammers as I manually deleted threads for about an hour.

    @biminiroad I think we (or at least I) don't have permission to delete an account. I can delete threads, but not users.
  • I couldn't see any way to delete a user either
  • Can you at least ban the users? If I read the Vanilla code correctly, you can ban individual users or assign them the "Banned" role.

    However, it's not clear to me if that will hide the messages.. so far it looks like no.
  • Another possibility: require user approval. On the signup form, have the person state in English why (broadly speaking) they should be allowed in. This is an administrative pain, and I don't know how many users sign up, but it's a possibility.
  • One thing I've done on a forum elsewhere is set up a simple, relevant question* that the registrant is required to answer at the start. Harder to beat than a captcha without requiring much strain on the registrant and no extra administrative work except for the initial setup.

    Not sure if Vanilla supports such an option, but I'd recommend looking that way.

    *I have no idea what a good question would be in Audulus's case. "What platform(s) does Audulus support?" maybe, if multiple correct answers are permitted?
  • I edited the spam settings so they'll get banned for 10 minutes if they post more than x times a minute - so it should slow them to a crawl now, and either robert, stschoen, or I can see them before they flood the pages like they do.

    I'm looking to see if I can autoban if someone uses particular characters, like Korean, in their post. Would love this forum to be multinational and lingual, and this wouldn't be forever, but just until we can update the forum software.
  • Also I changed the permissions of Moderators to allow for deletion of users
  • I was thinking about suggesting changing the flood control settings but it might just encourage them to create more user IDs
  • @stschoen but at least they have to create id's manually, which might be enough to make them spam in greener fields.