Guitar Effect Patch Inspired by Map of the Problematique (Muse)
  • Here's a patch I put together to implement the guitar effect used by Muse in the intro of Map of the Promblematique. It's basically a 16 step sequencer that switches between the input guitar signal, and pitch shifted versions (octave up and octave down). I also included a simple drum pattern to jam with that's controlled by the same tap tempo. Note, by default a simple square wave is being piped through, but there's a labelled knob to switch to mic input, which is the intended use case. This is my first patch post, so please excuse any patch conventions I may have missed. Enjoy!

    # This is me jamming with it and making a fool of myself

    -- Paul
  • @otto_von_bismarck YESSSSSS. Good to see Audulus used for guitar effects :)
  • Hahahaha @taylor I can't wait to get my dad set up with Audulus so I can design him a ton of sick guitar fx, he just got a like 5 thousand dollar vintage amp and has a slick new custom guitar he modded with these dope 300 dollar humbuckers
  • By the way sick effect and nice jam, no need to be self conscious, we're all mad men here
  • Hi otto,

    how did you connect your guitar input to audulus?
    Fairly new to audulus
  • @MartinoDB - Audulus standalone just uses input 1 & 2 from your computer - if you have an interface, it would be in 1 and 2 from that. Just check your Audio I/O settings. if you don't have an interface, you'd need one to connect a guitar to your computer.
  • biminiroad for the rescue x
  • Another approach is to have Audulus as an audio unit plugin in your DAW, in which case the mic node should give you whatever inputs that track is set too.
  • Thanks for the encouragement MacroMachines, for further evidence of madness, this patch can also be used for horrendous vocal fx :)
  • @otto_von_bismarck what is that girls name and where do you live?
    She looks and dresses EXACTLY like my ex, and we used to do stuff like this in maxmsp all the time so even what she is doing is EXACTLY like her!?
  • @MacroMachines -- Sorry I missed this message, that's the legendary Aimei Kutt (, our band is based in the sf bay area. It would not surprise me if she has a history with maxmsp, though we're all Audulus fans now :)
  • Following up, I just used a modified version of this patch live and it worked really well! I ended up driving it with an FCB1010 midi foot controller as well as my bass. I added synth-like distortion effect by using the bass pitch to sync an square wave oscillator, blended it with one of the FCB1010's expression pedals, and used the other expression pedal for the pitch of the oscillator. Since the sync input created the resulting pitch, the pitch input really controlled just the first formant, so it had a filter-sweep like effect. I also added a branch to receive notes from a midi keyboard controller that drove a square wave oscillator, gated by 16th note pulses. Finally, I made one of the foot switches into a kill switch for a little fake out at the end of the song. Here's how it turned out: