AUDIO only?
  • Hi I just heard of Audulus like today. First for audio it looks amazing! Nice work.

    I don't want to look stupid or rude or anything but here's my question.

    Would it be only for audio project? The name Audulus is clearly not for nothing... but maybe another app or and eventual upgrade...

    I like node based/visual programming like Vuo ( or Max ( or Touchdesigner (

    You see i'm an interactive and immersive designer, with some background in installations and video games and now I work as a UX designer for web and mobile. but eventually I would want to go indie and do my own stuff. So these days I'm like "searching" - "looking" - "shopping" - for my future tools for my workflow and pipeline.

    And what I would want to do is some projects that merge Video Games with Installations. So what I am looking for is a way to work with Unreal Engine (i've got a better background with this one than Unity) and link it to another platform to put some Internet of Things/Electronics, VJing/Video Mapping and LEDs controls. Like to make a space an entire interface for the gameplay. Like not making games only for one screen (Console, Mobile/Tablet or PC) but multiple screens and projectors or with different inputs and outputs like an Arduino as a controller, etc...

    So Audulus will only be concentred in audio or it will eventually integrate different inputs and outputs and different medias?

    Thank You (sorry for my english)

  • Welcome! Glad you're interested in Audulus. You can download a fully-working demo at and see if it's right for you.

    We don't have any plans to make what you're talking about in particular, but we are working on a 3d shader node now, so there will be some more visual aspects of Audulus available in the future. There have also been some video game designers who have asked us to develop an SDK for process-based sound, which we might do if we had enough time/resources to develop.

    Audulus currently has 2 audio inputs and outputs and accepts MIDI in. Taylor is working hard on MIDI out, and that will be available sometime during Audulus 3's lifecycle. Other I/O is a possibility, but there is a long list of feature requests that has to be considered as well.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them, and good luck on your project! Hopefully Audulus can factor into it somehow.
  • First of all Nice work! After that I have to say thank you for your quick answer. And about Audulus we never know it might be implmented in my workflow/pipeline.

  • @gm1986 taylor and I were just discussing some things you will find useful in the future. Mainly for audio but I am pushing for open ended development. I also find node based programming to be the most fun way to explore interactivity design.
  • Please don't diverge from audio (and MIDI). Lose focus and you will lose your way. I would argue that the UI should be less pretty, to save CPU for what we actually need (audio). For example, the color-changing connections don't help me much; would prefer a few more cycles to run my crazy arrays of polyphonic delays or whatever.
  • @lagomorph - thanks for you input - rest assured, we're not making Audulus look better at the expense of functionality. The recent iOS update has streamlined construction - you'll be able to make patches faster than ever. You'll also be able to find them faster than ever with the new tag/search option on both the node/module browser and the patch browser.

    Also, since the graphics of Audulus are rendered on the GPU, they don't really affect the CPU/audio side of things. I had the same thought as you a year ago - I asked Taylor in the past about a "dark" switch that turns off the graphics side of things during performance to save CPU power and he said it wouldn't really affect your CPU overhead.

    Copy/paste response from other threads asking about MIDI: This is coming in a newer update - this 3.3 update had to be finished first before MIDI out was implemented. Basically, if Taylor had implemented MIDI out before this z-1 rewrite, he would have had to redo the programming for MIDI out again. So don't worry, it's coming!