How do you zoom with Audulus for Mac?
  • I'm brand new to modular stuff like this. I was really excited to check out Audulus's tutorial, but I cannot figure out how the heck to zoom in so I can read the text of the first tutorial. It's driving me crazy! Crazy enough to go to this website and start a whole discussion on it. The only "zoom" options I can find are in the "view" menu at the top are "zoom" and "zoom to fit." "Zoom" only stretches the corners of the screen to the corners of my monitor, which doesn't help. "Zoom to fit" only zooms out to the whole project. I've tried to look at tutorials online, but I can only find videos for the iPad/iPhone versions of Audulus. On that, you can zoom with just your fingertips so I am really frustrated now. Please help me out guys. I can't wait to explore this software.
  • You just need to use you scroll wheel! :) Do you not have one?
  • With the Magic Mouse it might be possible to zoom by just scrolling but I don't have one, I need to hold Control together with scrolling to zoom. To be honest, I don't think it's the best system (the pinch to zoom on the iOS version works much more intuitive and less jerky) but it works.
  • Pinch to zoom works well on the Magic Trackpad
  • @balph, what kind of mouse do you have?
  • @taylor I have a Logitech MX Master.
  • @balph - if you need to hold control and scroll to zoom, it's probably a setting you can change in the mouse settings. By default, you just need to use the scroll wheel alone. Hope that helps!
  • @biminiroad I've been looking through the settings of Logitech Options as well as the standard mouse settings in System Preferences of OS X but I couldn't find anything to change to behaviour unfortunately...
  • @balph - do you have another mouse lying around you could test it with? Maybe there's just something afoot with the one you have...sorry I can't help more, just not familiar with Logitech mice (mouses?) - I have a cheapo Amazon Basics one
  • @biminiroad I have an old MX518 somewhere, will try it with that one!

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