• hey guys
    Im a noob and new to Audulus. I have a pretty simple question. I'm looking for a VCA? is there not a VCA module?
    thanks much,
  • Howdy!
    No VCA as such ( I *think* - I'm new here too! )but the "amplitude" input to oscillators works the same way - also, if I recall correctly, you can use a ring modulator like a VCA - try it, not gonna break anything!
  • @DS_in_the_ATX - a VCA is just a signal multiplier, so all you need is a multiplication node. But in a sense, no, you don't really need a dedicated VCA. Attached is a patch that shows you two ways of using a "virtual" VCA. Also attached is a VCA patch that I made - it multiplies the signal by 10, but you need to get it down into -1 to 1 to prevent clipping.

    Visual VCA.audulus
  • The level object works great as a vca, you can plug a signal into the knob for attenuation
  • what an excellent community - thanks gents, and of course - TGIF!!!