Pro Compression in Audulus
  • Hi Taylor and others, do you know if it's possible to set up a professional compressor FX within Audulus. I mean, if I did my research and found the right math expressions for example, would Audulus be open-ended enough that this could work? I'm thinking about setting up Audulus as my main guitar FX rig. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.
  • This depends on what you mean by pro compression - do you want to make an analog modelling mixing or mastering compressor? There are ways to make super clean compressors that are very, very simple, but there's also a reason that Waves and UAD compressors take a lot of software engineering and time to create - pure, clean compression isn't necessarily good compression.

    However, guitars hardly need "pro" compression - the Orange Squeezer is a classic guitar compression circuit, and it is a pretty simple smacky design that plugs right into your guitar (smaller than a delay pedal).

    That said, you don't necessarily need math to make a compressor. You just need an envelope follower and a level.

    Here's a compressor patch I made a while back that sounds pretty nice on guitar -

    Let me know if that works for you! :)
  • Thanks for the info @biminiroad ... there's lots of info there, might take some time but I'll look into it, test out some things out.

    I do want a fairly clean compressor though... as I'm recording clean guitar. For "pro" compression I guess I mean the cleanness as well as advanced control of the parameters. For example the sharpness of the "knee", the ratio of compression (or equivalent), etc

    I'll take a listen though and post back later, thanks again.
  • @Lid555 - you can do that with the curves package that's in there, or if you want a hard knee, you can use the spline node to create one! :)
  • I made a look ahead peak limiter the other day which is very useful for DSP experimentation, Ive been using that and a group of tweaked biquad filters as a parametric eq and getting much better output results.

    I think the people who have said audulus lacks sound quality don't understand the current nature of audulus is that you build your own sound quality :P I can't wait to push some of these modules I made into the built in lib so people can have the useful stuff Ive been working on so much.

  • Update: with a tiny bit more nasty sound to show how wonderfully useful and essential these modules are.image

  • I can't get the image thumbnail thing to work
  • @MacroMachines the patch produces some very nice rhythms which have a lot of variation to them and the patch seems very efficient as well.

  • @Lid555 - you've inspired me. I've done plenty of tweaking on this, it's time to let it into the wild.

    Gravity is a full on compressor, like you were asking for. It's not perfect, for sure, but it can be very clean and transparent sounding, I think. It also has a "Fast" toggle to change the attack and release times to faster than stable, which can get pretty gritty.

    It's not perfect - try to keep your release slower than your attack or weird things will start to happen. I'm not sure why yet, but I have a feeling it's the attack/release circuit fighting for control over the signal.

    There's also a CV Out which outputs the gain reduction value. Really useful if you want your compressor to control how much distortion or reverb your signal has...

    All that said, I doubt Audulus is where you will find compressors better than UAD, Waves, DMG - for example. These guys are GOOD at what they do. I wish I had the ability to make things that good, but if I did, I'd probably be working for them...

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